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Our training programs

Our training programmes have been crafted out to enrich students with the required skillsets for the current and emerging potentials of the computer age. Taking our training gives you the extra edge needed in your career and positions you to take advantage of carefully selected skills that every major employer wants and get your dream job in the process.

Course Fees:

Course Title Duration Price
Computer Appreciation 3wks ₦20,000
Digital marketing 2wks ₦80,000
Photoshop 4wks ₦45,000
Illustrator 4wks ₦45,000
CorelDraw 4wks ₦45,000
Fireworks 4wks ₦45,000
InDesign 4wks ₦45,000
Flash 6wks ₦70,000
Web Design 4wks ₦45,000
Adobe Muse 4wks ₦45,000
Web Development 6wks ₦60,000
iOS Development 8wks ₦500,000
Linux Administration 2wks ₦35,000
Database Administration 8wks ₦150,000
Diploma Programmes
Software Engineering 12wks ₦180,000
Diploma in Graphics Design 12wks ₦120,000
Advanced Diploma in Graphics Design 12wks ₦180,000
Programming Languages
C# 6wks ₦50,000
C++ 6wks ₦70,000
Java 6wks ₦80,000
Visual Basic 6wks ₦50,000
Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) 6wks ₦60,000
ASP.NET 6wks ₦60,000
Objective C 6wks ₦180,000
Python 4wks ₦70,000
Lua 6wks ₦70,000
Perl 4wks ₦60,000

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q):

Why Onehyr Technologies Limited?

We are mission oriented. We train students, not just with the aim of impacting knowledge, but also with an aim of producing outstanding industry professionals. We do not teach you what you can't use on the field. We are seventy percent (70%) practical, twenty percent (20%) theoretical and ten percent (10%) innovations, giving us an extra edge.

How flexible are my classes?

Studying at have been made so flexible that you can choose how many times in a week you want to take your classes and when. You may choose to take your classes three times a week or twice a week. You can also chose from morning classes or afternoon classes. Note also that how you take your classes does not in anyway affect the cost of the course.

Can I pay installmentally?

You are allowed to pay for your study in up to three (3) installments. Your first installment however must cover up to sixty percent (60%) of the course fees. Other installments must be completed before the end of the course.

Can I change my course of study after starting?

Yes. You are allowed to change your course of study in the first week of study if you wish. Note however, that you will not get any refunds for changing to a less expensive course and will be required to pay more if the new course is more expensive.

NOTICE: You cannot change your course if you have arreas.

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